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Insurgency PC Crack is a first-person shooter with a modern war theme. Players will be able to experience the game content of teamwork, original audio design, honing technology in battle, and finally, rescue mission objectives. Players who like the Desert Storm Rebellion must not miss this game!

Insurgency PC Crack + License Key Free Download 2020

Insurgency PC Crack + License Key Free Download 2022

Rebel Company: escalation (Rebel Inc: Escalation) is Ndemic Creations production and distribution of a military strategy simulation game, this team is to create a “plague the company,” the original cast, so insurgency pc game download has unique and distinctive features, making it possible experience the problematic challenges of post-war reconstruction and increase awareness of the complex realities of peacekeeping.

The war seems to be an “end”, but everything is just the appearance of peace. To restore stability to a war-torn country, you must carefully weigh the priorities of military and civilian affairs to win the hearts of the people and prevent the deadly plot of insurgents to usurp power from class! “Rebel Company: Escalation of the Situation” presents an exciting strategic challenge, inspired by the complex nature of contemporary counter-insurgency countermeasures and related results.

The development process of the game is based on extensive research and gains from well-known regional politicians and business people, Media industry and international charities, experts, and governments to help, based on retaining the original well-acclaimed gameplay, add significant new features to the PC platform, strengthen music and improve 3D picture quality, battle plots, multiplayer games and many surprises such as Steam Workshop support will be launched in the future.

In the game, players must carefully weigh the weight of military and civilian affairs and counter high-risk rebellions to help the war-torn country return to stability. Insurgency pc game has abundant playable elements. You need to control the country’s politics and military to restore balance to its state. The war has spread Travel around the world and use your wisdom to solve this war!

Instructions for use

1. This game is free of the Insurgency PC Cracked version. The game path does not need Chinese. Unzip and run the game.
2. In Settings, select Language to set to Simplified Chinese.

Game highlights

1. Add additional areas and managers
to rebuild large dams to resist floods in the “Azure Embankment” map, send “Tank Captain” managers to control steel torrents, and more …
2. A campaign story mode to
implement large-scale cross-domain operations. Carefully consider resource allocation and access to special upgrades to cope with coherent new worlds with very different threats.
3. Cooperate and compete. Multiplayer games
with friends form efficient and stable areas or compete with opponents to promote their goals.
4. Custom Scene Editor
Develop exclusive custom scenes and share them with others via the Steam Workshop. Difficulties in National Construction?

Game Features

  • The game has an exquisite cartoon and anime picture style, and the intuitive and straightforward finger-click operation mode makes it easier for each player to win.
  • More realistic and engaging battlefields are waiting for you to join. Each battlefield requires players to adopt different strategies to complete various challenges, and new strategic capabilities give you a different kind of excitement.
  • More brain-warming strategy gameplay makes you want to stop, immersive military, and interactive political experience makes you immersive and becomes the ruler of a country to complete the task and development of governing the country.

Gameplay content

  • One of five peace and stability areas went to work in strategic environments with diverse scenery, from everything from the breeze farm of the “Hunhuang Plain” to the dense jungle of “the remote grasslands.”
  • 6 unique governors
  • Each governor has its characteristics. Promote the “Economist” to collect a single annual budget or rely on “Warlords” to train private mercenaries.
    learning from the situation in Afghanistan, this simulation program is very detailed and contains real-world development projects and a creative presentation of counterinsurgency tactics. This work has been recognized by the World Bank and successfully appeared in major international peace forums.
    sophisticated narrative algorithm of advanced military and civilian artificial intelligence outlines the diverse demands of the local people, and the relentless attacks by the rebels continue to put pressure on peacekeeping operations.
    Sophisticated images
    set out to stabilize and render beautiful and real-time feedback to the 3D world, improve the employment and service construction in the jurisdiction, and witness its increasing prosperity. Drone footage and private TV channels vividly show the details of our actions.
    Clear information
    Based on the information summary and the planning priorities of the battle report, delve into a large number of new statistics and charts, and analyze the best strategy with the help of the final playback.

Novice Raiders

  • Conditions for victory: The only requirement for success is to achieve 100% stability in the entire region.
  • Failure condition: When the reputation in the lower right corner drops to 0, the failure is declared.
    Reasons for the decline in status:
  • The more areas the rebels control, the faster the reputation decreases.
  • You spend too long to stabilize the city, which will also cause a reputation to decrease.
  • If you extend the garrison time of the joint army, your status will also decrease by a fixed amount.
  • Excessive corruption also reduces status.
    How to increase reputation:
  • Whenever you successfully stabilize an area, you can gain a particular reputation. (Depending on the population of the region)
  •  The development of specific government policies can immediately gain a special status.
  • Some are event selections that appear in the area, gaining a reputation.
  •  The rebels are tough to destroy.
  • When they lose, they will run to the adjacent area, but they cannot leave the map and cross the river (unless there is a bridge).
  • Projects with too many developments at one time will lead to inflation.
  • And inflation will gradually decrease over time. Certain policy developments can also be reduced.
  • Corruption will minimize support. Please reduce the possibility of growth in government development projects.
  • You will get a budgeted income every month, which is related to your reputation and the number of stable regions.

Game configuration requirements


  • operating system: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0GHz i5 Dual Core or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: Intel HD graphics 530
  • Storage space: 1 GB available space
  • Recommended
  • operating system: Windows 10
  • processor: 3.0GHz i5 Quad Core or equivalent
  • memory: 4 GB
  • RAMGraphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / R9 270xStorage
  • : 2 GB available space

Player Reviews

+ As always, various elements of the previous work are retained, and many details and weapons are added.
+ The map is twice as large as the previous work, and there is more room to play. Various detours have been
added. + A pickup vehicle is still pretty cool to play.
+ A very important profession-commander, the commander can call for various support, which is also quite interesting, and an excellent commander controls the battle situation.

Series works

“Rebellion 2”: a highly strategic first-person shooter game, players will perform various missions in modern military conflicts such as Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. The game set a variety of game modes such as occupation, crossfire, extinction, and hunting, Nervous and realistic effects will make players hungry.

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4. Allow it to Download the whole Version game on your catalog that is given.
5. Open the Sport and Revel in Play.

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